Alberici Homes

Alberici Homes is a high-end home builder in The United States. While the company offers the best in the construction industry, prior to connecting with Madu Media, it lacked a presence in the digital world and the brand power it deserves.

This project arrived at our table as a blank sheet of paper, giving us the chance to design a beautiful campaign from the ground up. We created the logo, the website, and all digital media outlets. We connected with suppliers and buyers to network and collaborate. We strategically prepared educational content on a daily basis in collaboration with professionals in the field, generating content and value for partners and customers alike. We also produced step-by-step home-building videos to build trust, transparency, and engagement from a wide audience.

At the helm of the company are managers with innate interests and a thorough understanding of construction; however, we noted gaps in areas of sales and marketing. We accordingly focused our efforts on developing sales material and supporting the work of sales executives, from the business card to the gifts sent to customers at the end of the year.

The media plan involved online and offline strategies to develop a reputation of value, sustainability, and solid long-term investing. We analyzed the demographics of Alberici’s target customers and tailored our marketing approach to maximize public relations and accessibility by this cohort, creating content such as e-books, newsletters, and informative social media posts.


Record Tv Americas

Record Tv is one of the main TV broadcasters in Brazil and the world, with more than 70 years of history, it is present in more than 150 countries.

Our history with Record Tv began in 2014 when our director Eduarda Miranda joined the select group of reporters from the Brazilian broadcaster. They spent almost 3 years producing news articles for the group. However, when she moved to The United States where she opened her own company, the professional continued to create content for the broadcaster, covering the main events, producing interviews for TV and writing stories for Share Magazine – magazine of the group that circulates in the United States and Canada.

After 6 years of partnership, Eduarda Miranda was invited to be the editor-in-chief and presenter of the program “Americas no Ar”, the first daily Portuguese newscast in the United States. It was then that Madu Media took action offering video production and content creation services. We were responsible for creating guidelines, interviews, pre-production, production and exhibition of the program.


Shala Salon

Another case involving beauty, health and well-being. The Shala Salon is a complete spa, located in the Doctor Philips region, one of the most privileged in the city of Orlando – Florida. However, more than a spa offering body, facial, manicures, pedicures and hair services, Shala Salon is recognized as the only one in South Florida to offer the traditional private Turkish Bath experience. It is possible to live the experience that the Turkish bath offers in specialized places, but just like in the country that gave rise to this tradition, in Florida the Turkish bath is done in shared environments.

That’s where Shala Salon differentiates itself.

The establishment offers a room that transports customers to another dimension, difficult to put into words the effect of the tiles brought from Turkey, the special lighting and the soundtrack that complements and brings even more magic to the bath, which is considered an ancient tradition and that offers countless benefits for mind and body. A transformative experience. Therefore, our marketing strategy started in digital, we activated all social media, as well as reorganized the customer list and created exclusive content for each niche (men, women, over 50, among others). In order to keep the customer well informed about the type of services that really matter.

We have partnered with companies, hotels, restaurants and the main outlets in the region, after all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a moment of relaxation after the hustle and bustle of parks and shopping in Mickey’s city?

We invited celebrities and digital influencers to live the Turkish bath experience and all the services that the spa offers. We created exclusive packages for the older age group and partnered with the main nursing homes in the city. We negotiate the purchase of media in magazines, radio and TV programs, as well as sponsoring events in different segments, such as fashion, beauty and health fairs.

We developed the new layout of the establishment’s facade. We created campaigns for holidays and launched the loyalty card. We produce videos in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The media plan involved online and offline strategies, public relations and digital marketing. Shala Salon has come to be recognized as a place that, in addition to all beauty services, provides a unique and even, somewhat “touristic” experience.


Blonde Factory Salon

Talking about beauty has always been on our agenda, but that does not mean that creating the ideal campaign for a beauty salon was simple. The challenges were diverse, after all the owner of the spa, who was also the main hairdresser, has always been a recognized and awarded professional in Brazil and Lebanon. However, the main goal in this project, was to disconnect the company from the image of the owner, since the objective was to transform a business into a franchise in the United States. For this it was necessary to standardize the environment, services and align all campaigns.

The name already existed, so we started with the creation of the logo. We opted for something minimalist highlighting the initial letters BF, because despite the name of the salon Blonde Factore, the salon offers services for all types and colors of hair, male and female, as well as aesthetic treatments and massages. So, with the new BF Salon, we opened up a range of opportunities and automatically the business started to be seen as a complete spa, where customers left transformed from head to toe.

We create uniforms for hairdressers, manicurists, beauticians and assistants.

We develop exclusive packaging for products with the BF Salon brand, from shampoo, conditioners, to moisturizing creams, among others. We designed a new sign for the facade, pamphlets and business cards.

On social networks, the posts followed a specific schedule, with before and after photos, skin and hair care tips, fashion trends, events, celebrities and especially promotions to intensify engagement.

The objective was to create informative content to stimulate the client and consequently attract her to the spa. On the spot, we created an exclusive space with a special background and light where customers are photographed, and photos published on social networks.

We launched the channel on YouTube, where we weekly record a theme about the universe of beauty with the salon owner and interviews with customers and representatives of partner brands. We ran campaigns in major Florida magazines and newspapers. We negotiate sponsorship at events and all media purchases. We launched campaigns for commemorative dates, such as Mother’s and Valentine’s Day, practically one new activation per month. Highlighting the loyalty card, where each customer visit accumulates points that can be exchanged for services for her or third parties. The media plan involved online and offline strategies always thinking about expanding in business, public relations and digital marketing.