Shala Salon

Another case involving beauty, health and well-being. The Shala Salon is a complete spa, located in the Doctor Philips region, one of the most privileged in the city of Orlando – Florida. However, more than a spa offering body, facial, manicures, pedicures and hair services, Shala Salon is recognized as the only one in South Florida to offer the traditional private Turkish Bath experience. It is possible to live the experience that the Turkish bath offers in specialized places, but just like in the country that gave rise to this tradition, in Florida the Turkish bath is done in shared environments.

That’s where Shala Salon differentiates itself.

The establishment offers a room that transports customers to another dimension, difficult to put into words the effect of the tiles brought from Turkey, the special lighting and the soundtrack that complements and brings even more magic to the bath, which is considered an ancient tradition and that offers countless benefits for mind and body. A transformative experience. Therefore, our marketing strategy started in digital, we activated all social media, as well as reorganized the customer list and created exclusive content for each niche (men, women, over 50, among others). In order to keep the customer well informed about the type of services that really matter.

We have partnered with companies, hotels, restaurants and the main outlets in the region, after all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a moment of relaxation after the hustle and bustle of parks and shopping in Mickey’s city?

We invited celebrities and digital influencers to live the Turkish bath experience and all the services that the spa offers. We created exclusive packages for the older age group and partnered with the main nursing homes in the city. We negotiate the purchase of media in magazines, radio and TV programs, as well as sponsoring events in different segments, such as fashion, beauty and health fairs.

We developed the new layout of the establishment’s facade. We created campaigns for holidays and launched the loyalty card. We produce videos in English, Portuguese and Spanish. The media plan involved online and offline strategies, public relations and digital marketing. Shala Salon has come to be recognized as a place that, in addition to all beauty services, provides a unique and even, somewhat “touristic” experience.

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