Alberici Homes

Alberici Homes is a high-end home builder in The United States. While the company offers the best in the construction industry, prior to connecting with Madu Media, it lacked a presence in the digital world and the brand power it deserves.

This project arrived at our table as a blank sheet of paper, giving us the chance to design a beautiful campaign from the ground up. We created the logo, the website, and all digital media outlets. We connected with suppliers and buyers to network and collaborate. We strategically prepared educational content on a daily basis in collaboration with professionals in the field, generating content and value for partners and customers alike. We also produced step-by-step home-building videos to build trust, transparency, and engagement from a wide audience.

At the helm of the company are managers with innate interests and a thorough understanding of construction; however, we noted gaps in areas of sales and marketing. We accordingly focused our efforts on developing sales material and supporting the work of sales executives, from the business card to the gifts sent to customers at the end of the year.

The media plan involved online and offline strategies to develop a reputation of value, sustainability, and solid long-term investing. We analyzed the demographics of Alberici’s target customers and tailored our marketing approach to maximize public relations and accessibility by this cohort, creating content such as e-books, newsletters, and informative social media posts.

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