Acqua Group

Acqua Group is comprised of several companies with activity in various markets, ranging from corporate finance to engineering and the energy sector. The organization was founded neary 30 years ago and is headquartered in the United States, where we had to opportunity to collaborate and develop their brand.
We explored the marketable qualities of the organization vis-a-vis interests of target customers. Sustainability is in the group’s DNA. Their history and diversity of activities paint a captivating picture. Our approach was to market present and future directions of the organization while nodding to their rich history and organizational culture.
Through an institutional video, we conveyed the overall story of the organization, where it has come from, and where it is going. We focused on key services, including wealth management, corporate finance, evaluation engineering, and energy efficiency. We then developed a website to offer customized services and solutions, including product photos and the launch of an online store with a modern, secure payment system. We also coordinated the promotion and sale of products through Amazon.
All-in-all this project allowed us to creatively explore strategies to express a complex and important backstory, using modern materials and tools necessary for continued growth. In the process, we practiced the art of creating scripts, producing and editing video, photographing products, consulting on marketing, and launching a website with an e-commerce platform.

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