Falcon Commercial Pools

Falcon specializes in commercial pool design, construction, and maintenance in central Florida. Decades of industry leadership afford the company reference status for all things pool related. Their portfolio boasts contracts at the main Disney parks, Universal Studios, Legoland, and numerous other amusementparks. They flex their waterpark muscle at Volcano Bay, and showcase contemporary pool architecture at hotels including Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt.
Rather than hanging its hat on previous laurels- a pitfall of many successful companies- Falcon worked with MaduMedia to renew and modernize its image both on and offline to maintain its leading market position.
We analyzed Falcon’s history, their procedures behind the scenes, the behavior of employees, and, of course, their positioning in digital media.
Our first task put the company’s desire for renewal on display, literally! We updated their falcon logo representing the company for more than ten years.
Balancing novelty with continuity of identity, we modernized the logo colors and adapted its original concept through the Golden Ratio in design, shining a new light on the hawk symbol that has long represented the company.
We then focused on building digital content. We launched a modern and more informative website with exclusive photos and insights about the world of swimming pools. This website section created a theme for ongoing social media content creation. Not only did this theme build artistic social media content; it fostered organic connections among travel industry professionals and tourists alike, helping to build a previously untapped platform for Falcon’s clients to showcase their pools to tourists.
We further focused on “outreach” content for the broader community to bolster a public perception of goodwill surrounding the company. For example, we published pool safety tips for parents and children, strategies to mitigate slip and fall risk for the elderly, and how to properly clean and maintain home pools.
We also shared information about equipment, accessories, family games and much more; Falcon’s content about swimming pools now delves far beyond chemicals and basic maintenance.
In addition to paving new directions for Falcon’s digital content, we focused on their human resources to revamp employee culture. To us, the pool is synonymous with family fun and it was exactly these concepts- family and funthat we instilled into Falcon’s company philosophy. We created new uniforms for all employees, supported their understanding of the company’s services and products, and wrapped company vehicles in fun artwork. We created personalized kits and gifts for account managers to present to their clients, as well as promotional products with the Falcon brand; we designed and distributed buoys, parasols, cup holders, caps, and much more.
We hosted campaigns and photo-ops at famous pools. These campaigns supported Falcon’s social media profiles to organically transform into information and entertainment channels, with beautiful photos, broad travel and tourism content, and even insider information about famous Disney pools.
This project involved a transformation from the inside out. New digital content, refreshed workplace culture, and freshly uniformed employees and cars all became promotion tools. New clients have consequently sought the services of Falcon, and the company remains the pool management leader in the Sunshine State.

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